Screening for axial SpA
Leads: Back in Focus Steering Committee section leads: Dr Karl Gaffney and Dr Raj Sengupta.

Screening for axial SpA

Delayed diagnosis may lead to poorer outcomes and treatment responses in axial SpA patients1 but screening and appropriate referral of patients with symptoms suggestive of axial SpA can facilitate earlier diagnosis.2,3 It is important to provide primary care physicians (PCPs) and non-rheumatologist specialities with information on appropriate referral and screening tools to ensure they are able to confidently screen and refer appropriate patients.

The materials in this section can be used to organise your own meeting/ training seminars and in clinical practice to support appropriate referral of patients.

Play the video below to hear from a patient with axial SpA about his experience of the path to diagnosis.

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Screening Materials

All the materials can be saved and printed directly from the website. If you would like to discuss alternative formats of these materials please contact your local AbbVie representative.


The Axial SpA Management Pathway was developed by the Back in Focus Steering Committee; organised and funded by AbbVie


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