Back In Focus - Axial Spondyloarthritis About Us

Back in Focus was initially launched in 2012 by AbbVie as a series of small educational initiatives for healthcare professionals involved in the care of axial SpA patients. Since then the programme has grown to include:

  • Larger national meetings and interactive case study based MRI training meetings (RCP accredited)
  • An expert Steering Committee to provide guidance, develop materials and lead the ‘Back in Focus’ events and meetings
  • Materials to support other members of the MDT such as nurses, physiotherapist and radiologists
  • Resources to support education of primary care physicians to improve appropriate referral of axial SpA patients

You can download all the materials yourself from the website. If you would like to discuss alternative formats of these materials please contact your local AbbVie representative.

 The Back in Focus Steering Committee

The Back in Focus Steering Committee is a group of multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals with expertise in axial SpA, brought together to develop and provide guidance on the management of patients with axial SpA. The Steering Committee is organised and funded by AbbVie.

  • Dr Alex Bennett, Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre
  • Dr Karl Gaffney, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Claire Harris, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Dr Andrew Keat, Northwick Park and Charing Cross Hospitals
  • Dr Pedro Machado, University College London
  • Dr Helena Marzo-Ortega, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Prof Dennis McGonagle, Chapel Allerton Hospital
  • Dr Raj Sengupta, Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases      
  • Dr Stefan Siebert, University of Glasgow


   Alex Bennett              Karl Gaffney               Claire Harris


  Andrew Keat           Pedro Machado        Dennis McGonagle


  Raj Sengupta             Stefan Siebert

The Back in Focus programme was developed, and is funded, by AbbVie.

The Axial SpA Management Pathway was developed by the Back in Focus Steering Committee; organised and funded by AbbVie.